Exercise, Nutrition, Mindset: The Three Pillars of Fitness

Achieving true fitness in 2018 will require more than spending hours at the gym. Being fit includes many moving parts that work together in harmony: exercise/movement, nutrition, and mindset. When one of these parts is lacking, the others can easily become unstable.


When a person decides to improve their fitness level, exercise is usually the first component they add. The key to improving your overall fitness level through exercise is to create a lifestyle of movement. Being sedentary is flat-out dangerous for our bodies. Inactivity can contribute to anxiety and depression, heart disease, and obesity. It is so important to incorporate movement–both strength training and aerobic exercise–into our daily lives. How do we do that when we are out of the habit? The key is making exercise a natural part of your day. You wouldn’t skip taking a shower, checking your email, or saying goodnight to your children would you? Make your exercise routine something that you just DO everyday. The more time you spend moving, the better you will feel (inside and out), and pretty soon, your body will actually crave the exercise!


While exercise is important in achieving true fitness, what you eat also makes a BIG difference in how your body feels and performs. Combined with exercise, proper nutrition can help you to reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer, and promote overall health. Eating nutritious food enables your body to endure your workout, recover from it, and get stronger. Because nutrition is so crucial, you must make time to meal plan, shop for healthy ingredients, and prep those ingredients each week if you are going to reach your fitness goals. Thankfully, as you incorporate these tasks into your week on a regular basis, they will soon become habits! Make meal planning and prep fun. Involve the family and keep in mind that in the end, you are saving so much time and energy by planning ahead.


The connection between our mind and body is a powerful one. The mind plays a critical role in supporting our fitness goals. It’s simple–you must BELIEVE you can attain whatever you are striving for. If you do not BELIEVE, you probably won’t get very far! This year, I want you to believe in yourself. Believe that 1) you CAN do it and 2) it is WORTH it do to it. Then, set that big ol’ goal and visualize it. Each day, just like you make time for exercise and nutrition, make time to visualize yourself reaching your goals. This powerful exercise will give you the motivation you need to keep moving forward.

When you take time to focus on the three elements of fitness: exercise, nutrition, and mindset, your 2018 resolutions become reachable, attainable goals.