Modonna Williger

In Feb. 2012 I got a bad cholesterol report from my Dr. I decided I needed to do something about it. So my husband and I joined the Athletic club. I decided I wanted a personal trainer and was assigned to Karen Bluhm. Well..that was one of the greatest decisions I have made. My cholesterol numbers went from 240 to 165 in 6 months. And I lost weight (and am still losing). I lost 8 pants sizes!! Karen taught me so much about exercise (I never liked exercise and never did much of it but walk). Karen is a wonderful trainer and person. She kept me straight, and still does. Her classes are awesome. She has been so helpful and supportive for me on my journey to better health. She even taught me how to “walk” right. When walking now, I include periods of running. That helped to boost my weight loss and, I’m sure, the drop in my cholesterol. By the way, I am 66 years old and never had exercised before. If I can do can you! I am grateful for meeting Karen and all she has helped me with. I feel great and am hopeful to live a lot longer now that Karen has me on the road to better health. I will continue to join her classes as long as I can. My Dr. has taken me OFF my cholesterol meds: whereas in Feb. she doubled them. Also my arthritis and low grade fibromyalgia pain had greatly subsided and I hardly take anything for them any more. Karen takes no credit for it. She just says I made it happen. But without her encouragement and support I don’t think I would have stuck to it.

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