Spring Fitness Tip: HIIT or Steady State?

Both are the spice of the fitness life and will have their time and place in your fitness journey.

For a well rounded fitness plan, the 3 pillars to success are:

  1. Nutrition – 80% of your fitness success is created in the kitchen. Get with me to get this going in the right direction for you.
  1. Strength Training – 2-3 days per week of strength training all major muscle groups is going to keep you toned and well defined at any It’s never too late to start strength  training!
  1. Cardio Endurance – Aim for 150 minutes of cardio per week. Ex: Mon/Wed/Fri could be 30 -45 minutes of steady state cardio on either a favorite piece of cardio equipment or get outside and walk, job, bike, swim. Don’t be afraid to get the heart rate up therebut not to the point where you feellike you are going to pass out or can’t talk to catchyour breath. It’s a pace that allows you to go a little further than youwould at a higher speed and intensity. Let  me show you how to do this if you are

Tue/Thur could be your High Intensity Interval Training for 20- 30 minutes. An example of this would be a workout that includes 20 sec of mt climbers followed by 10 sec of re st . Do this for8 rounds. That ‘s a total of 4minutes. Rest and do another interval such as 30 sec of jumping jacks followed by 15 sec of rest. Do this for 6 rounds to total 4.5 minutes. Studies show HIIT keeps your metabolism revved up for up to 20 hours after completing. The key is intensity! You should be able to talk but it’s not going to be easy! The sky is the limit here!

This is your life and you want to make choices that are positive, upbeat and help you live life to the fullest! Take charge of your nutrition, the people who support you are the ones you keep in your fitness corner and make sure to keep stress at bay!  Stress kicks in cortisol which triggers the fight or flight mode and of course, excess belly fat seems to be the neighbor to stress!

I am here for you! You’ve got this!