Simple Nutrition Tips for Success

The truth is, everyone already knows what I am about to say… I really am repeating myself. It’s ok though, because in our world where information is overloaded, there are a few things that are worth repeating.

1. Enjoy your food.  Serious!  If we can’t enjoy the food the good earth has provided for us then what’s the point. It’s about time we all started making  “friends” with our food and using it for what’s it’s meant to do and that is nourish our bodies.

2. Carbs ARE NOT the enemy…..don’t shoot the messenger…..yet anyway.  It’s SUGAR that should be put on the firing line and shot at dawn…… not carbs. Make friends with the carbs that are complex and work well to provide energy so you can do the TRX and FIST class without passing out.  That is a “good” carb.

3. Use your hands……measure your meals by your hands.
Palm for protein
Cupped hand for grains
Fist for Veggies – hope you have a big fist
Thumb for fat
Get all that in each meal and you are on your way to healing your metabolism, building muscle, feeling good and looking even better.
Short, sweet and to the point.  That’s how I like to deliver my tips.  You’ve got this!

Merry Christmas and May 2018 be the Fittest New Year!

Karen and Maggie