Nutrition Coaching is in the house at Commit 2B Fit

Now that you’ve established a new fitness lifestyle, the two other missing links to your health and fitness journey are nutrition and developing a winning mindset to last your lifetime.

This nutrition coaching program is powered by a nutrition platform that gives you daily lessons to make you stop and examine why you do what you do and offers lifestyle habits that will take your fitness level to a new level and that means…..getting results.

Not only do you get Nutrition coaching, but a weekly, 7-day-a-week meal template based on your goals, body type, and activity level. Do you want to build muscle, lose fat, lose weight?  This program helps keep you focused on your goals. They are nutrition/meal plan templates to follow complete with grocery shopping list and recipes!

Consistency is the key along with exercise, nutrition, and a  ‘get it done’ mindset.

Current Commit 2B Fit clients can get this nutrition coaching for only $30 month. I’ve extended this low barrier offer until October 31st. After that, it will go to $49 per month. I’ve already been told the price is too low for all that is offered.  However, I want you to accelerate your success by adding nutrition to your current fitness program.

Nutrition program alone is $120 per month. I know other trainers who use this program are offering this for $249 a month.

Let’s get you started!