Eating Is In and Deprivation Is Out—Gone, Over, and Done!

Sure, calorie restriction will reduce body weight and yes, research shows that extreme calorie restriction in animals can lead to a longer life span. However, there are drawbacks!

The biggest drawback for women is a loss of bone mass. This leads to fractures which lead to a reduced lifespan and that leads to disaster. Here’s another one that isn’t too pretty: low-calorie restriction leads to a reduction in performance and metabolic power. This is another way of saying…..”sluggish metabolism.” This keeps weight up and no changes on the scale….. etc, etc!

What is it you really want? For me, it’s to keep weight off, have energy, perform better, move better, continue to do the activities I love, and vainly, to look younger than the guy next to me who doesn’t exercise! I’m being openly honest here!

You have to eat folks! The body isn’t going to build muscle, lose weight, keep your major organs working, give you energy, and keep you functioning properly unless we wise up and start trusting that our bodies will take care of us as we chose foods that are of higher nutritional quality.

You can work out 3x’s per week (which is awesome), however, if the same low-nutritional-quality foods are chosen with little to no change in how we eat and live each day, then it’s “Ground Hog” day all over again.The same ole, same ole with no changes! How boring, frustrating and quite frankly, a waste of time!

If you are truly serious about taking charge of your health, fitness, and well-being, then it has to include some purposeful, mindful changes and choices that might be a bit outside of your comfort zone. However, you are worth it and this will break the plateau-the stagnant mindset that has you spinning your wheels and going nowhere fast!

In summary……….eat! Stop, think about what you are doing, and choose food items that are as close to “mother earth” as possible. Use the hand measurements that you received (or will receive when you join the nutrition program), eat slowly, stop when you’re 80% full, and follow your hunger cues. Eating is in; deprivation is out of style and no longer works.

Are you ready to put the second part of the fitness program to work?

If you truly do want to change, let’s do this and get to work and get it done!

Your coach, trainer, and friend,