December Shout Outs and More…

Roxanne West completed who completed her first follow-up assessment from when she first began back in September. Roxanne has made progress in every area of the fitness assessment and has lost weight and inches along with body fat and is building muscle! Way to go Roxanne! You are demonstrating such rapid progress every time you come in to workout. You are amazing!!

Kris Flitcroft and Paula Sears recently completed their “One Rep Max” Assessment and were pleasantly stunned to discover they needed to increase their starting weight to at least 18 lbs for bicep curls and increase to 22 lbs for squats. The look of surprise was “priceless” on these ladies faces when I broke the news……..they nailed it!

Admit it…….if you didn’t have me looking over your shoulder you would most likely go to the 10lb weights everytime. That’s why it’s called the “Sisterhood of the TRX! Sign up with me to complete your “One Rep Max” Assessment. It’s free, quick and will open the doors to maximum fat loss and be the edge to building muscle. Get in and get it done!

Wenel Jais as she prepares to spend January through April in sunny Tuscon, AZ. Wenel takes part in both small group and one on one personal training. We look forward to having you back in the spring Wenel!

Kathy Schmidt and Jan Mathison as they prepare to spend part of their winter in Tuscon, AZ. Hey wait a minute. Maybe the two of you should get together with Wenel and do a TRX class together!!!