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Simple Nutrition Tips for Success

The truth is, everyone already knows what I am about to say… I really am repeating myself. It’s ok though, because in our world where information is overloaded, there are a few things that are worth repeating. 1. Enjoy your food.  Serious!  If we can’t enjoy the food the good […]

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When the information about your intake is there in front of you, it’s hard to ignore and easy to change. These small changes will help you be more consistent, which will ultimately help you feel, look, and perform better. Along with recording the specifics (what you ate, how much you […]

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The Missing Link

So here we are. The summer months are behind us and fall and winter are not far behind. Some of you may see this as a time to start back into a fitness program, where some of you may be ready to say, “been there, done that” and “forget it!” […]

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September Recipe of the Month

What better way to start your morning than with a little bit of sunshine? My Sunny Side Portobello Mushrooms are super healthy and customizable just like an omelet – and they’re adorable! I like to season my portobellos with some spices, then put a layer of low-fat cheese before I […]