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September Shout Outs

We love to recognize those who are working hard to see results… Shelly Benzing lost weight and inches this summer! Amazing what happens when we start to heal our stalled metabolisms!! Way to go Shelly! Julie Riese lost a significant amount of weight and inches during summer challenge! Congratulations Julie!! […]

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45-Day Summer Strength Challenge

We are closing in on the end of the 45 Day Summer Strength Challenge. There is still time to get down and serious about this lifestyle-habit change, body transformation, but most of all, attitude and mind change. This program has been powered by the Precision Nutrition model which, when implemented, is individual […]

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August Calendar and Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions TRX/FIST (Functional Interval Strength Training) This 45-minute strength class uses the TRX Suspension Trainer as well as other fitness equipment to work every major muscle group. You will burn fat, build muscle and increase range of motion, flexibility, and coordination all the while getting your sweat on. Open […]

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7 Quick Energy Boosters

  Every one of us desires to be fitter, healthier and have more energy and vitality everyday. However, with our busy lifestyles, there are some days we need a little “something” extra to help get us through. Before you head off to the vending machine or down a double espresso […]

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Total Body Medicine Ball Workout

Pete McCall  //  Fitness  //  11/15/2016 Working out in a crowded gym can be a catch-22. You’ve made time for exercise but the gym can be so crowded that it can be difficult to get in a good workout. Your favorite equipment may not be available, or your favorite class may be too crowded […]