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December Shout Outs and More…

Roxanne West completed who completed her first follow-up assessment from when she first began back in September. Roxanne has made progress in every area of the fitness assessment and has lost weight and inches along with body fat and is building muscle! Way to go Roxanne! You are demonstrating such rapid progress every time you come […]

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A Special December Update from Karen

Hi Everyone, I have some updates for all of you regarding scheduling and classes for the upcoming month of December and into 2018. I will be on vacation beginning December 19th–Jan 3rd. Julie will be offering evening classes at 5pm on Monday, Wednesday’s, Thursday’s and Saturday mornings at 9 am. Please sign up for […]


Mind Tips

When all is said and done, the success of whatever we decide to pursue and do will always be determined by the quality of our thoughts.  It doesn’t matter what area of  life we are focusing on, our consistent thoughts we think day in and day out will make or […]

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Simple Nutrition Tips for Success

The truth is, everyone already knows what I am about to say… I really am repeating myself. It’s ok though, because in our world where information is overloaded, there are a few things that are worth repeating. 1. Enjoy your food.  Serious!  If we can’t enjoy the food the good […]

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When the information about your intake is there in front of you, it’s hard to ignore and easy to change. These small changes will help you be more consistent, which will ultimately help you feel, look, and perform better. Along with recording the specifics (what you ate, how much you […]

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November Shout Outs

Shelly Principe – for making time out of her busy schedule to get her sessions in per month. As a business owner, mother of two school-age children with multiple after school activities, this is no small feat to get to the studio for workouts!  Way to go Shelly! Christine Scaro – two […]