Action, Not Reaction

One of the key factors in progressing and achieving any goal is to take ACTION! You can have all kinds of lofty goals, however, if you never take one step off the launching pad to take action, what good is that? The action that is taken today, tomorrow and the […]


September News and Updates

Welcome! Roxanne West from Darien! She started 9/1 and is already blazing a trail towards her fitness goals. Sherrie Weeks from Delavan also began 9/1. She has no idea just how strong she really is! Mary Frazier from Fontana joined this past week as well. She kept up with the […]

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45-Day Summer Strength Challenge

We are closing in on the end of the 45 Day Summer Strength Challenge. There is still time to get down and serious about this lifestyle-habit change, body transformation, but most of all, attitude and mind change. This program has been powered by the Precision Nutrition model which, when implemented, is individual […]

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August Calendar and Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions TRX/FIST (Functional Interval Strength Training) This 45-minute strength class uses the TRX Suspension Trainer as well as other fitness equipment to work every major muscle group. You will burn fat, build muscle and increase range of motion, flexibility, and coordination all the while getting your sweat on. Open […]


August News & Updates

Welcome! Welcome Madonna Willger from Janesville!  You will most likely see her earlier in the day. However, she might visit some of the 4 pm classes! Welcome Joyce Havens – 87 years young has joined as 1:1 client!   Upcoming Events Open House is scheduled for Saturday, September 23, 2017, from 10 am-2 pm. There […]

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COMMIT 2B FIT Nutrition Coaching Offer

There has never been a better time to add nutrition coaching to your training package! Beginning August 15-August 31st, you will have the chance to add nutrition coaching to your current training package for only $30 a month!  This low price is only going to be offered for 2 weeks, […]