Action, Not Reaction

One of the key factors in progressing and achieving any goal is to take ACTION!

You can have all kinds of lofty goals, however, if you never take one step off the launching pad to take action, what good is that?

The action that is taken today, tomorrow and the next day (and then done all over again) is what will get you closer to what you want to achieve in any area of life.

Not to oversimplify this, but yet, not complicate it either, here are two action items to implement each day to springboard you towards what you want to achieve:

1. Plan It and Write it Down.
Each week, take 30 minutes to write down your game plan for what you need to do on a daily basis to reach your goals. This means planning out your nutrition, workouts, and cardio, prepping meals and writing it on the calendar! Can’t stress this enough!

2. Do It and Like It!
Create an action “do it” list. Write down everything you are willing to do and know you need to do that day to reach your goal. Examples might be: log food and workout, drink water, eat enough balanced macronutrients; stay consistent with going to bed and getting up the same time each day.

Short, sweet and to the point! Why complicate this? Start out with these two action items and you can always build on from here.

Plan it, Write it down and Do It!

You’ve got this!

Your trainer, coach, and friend,

Karen Bluhm