45-Day Summer Strength Challenge

We are closing in on the end of the 45 Day Summer Strength Challenge. There is still time to get down and serious about this lifestyle-habit change, body transformation, but most of all, attitude and mind change. This program has been powered by the Precision Nutrition model which, when implemented, is individual to your needs.
I am seeing positive changes in each participant whether it be strength increase, inches lost, weight loss, attitude change, more variety in food choices, or an increase being more mindful and aware.
The final day of the challenge is Monday, August 21st, so everyone needs to be re-assessed by the 21st. I will be in the studio on Saturday, August 19th to do the fitness assessment, reweigh/measure on that morning. Julie will also be there to be of assistance.
There is a TRX for the participant who made the most progress in strength, nutrition makeover and showed consistency in implementing the program. 2nd place is a free month of small group and 3rd place is $50 Athleta Gift card.

You’ve got this!