21 Day Hustle the Holiday Muscle Fitness Challenge 2016

Congratulations to each and every one of the 15 participants who decided to take the first holiday fitness challenge that began the Monday after Thanksgiving and ended on Friday, December 23rd. $300 was raised and donated by the Commit 2B Fit “Gym Angels” to Walworth County’s “SMILES” Equine Service for the Disabled and Handicapped located in Delavan/Darien. This challenge is going to be an annual event and each of you are considered to be “Gym Angels” because there will be more exciting challenges like this in 2017!

All 15 participants either maintained or experienced positive changes during this 21 day fitness challenge! First of all, this is extraordinary because…

1st: it’s during the holiday season where we all “sleepwalk” through our parties and eating and do the same old, same old every year and end up beating ourselves up afterwards! Insane!! NO MORE!

2nd: each of you “paid it forward” with your donation so now watch out, because when you give, you get back overflowing more than you gave! Expect it and watch for it in 2017!

3rd: it was an eye opener and you now “get it” and woke up and paid attention to what you were eating, drinking and doing day in and day out; this is called the “Compound Effect.”

4th: Each of you won! Just by walking in through the front door, logging your food and exercise and paying attention started the movement in a positive direction.

There were prizes for the top 3 participants who made the most significant changes. Each of them were daily, CONSISTENT, PERSISTENT AND COMMITED and as a result, reaped the results. All of you said you had your weak moments, but your eyes were open and there was no more sleep walking through this health and fitness journey you are on!


1st — Robin Rogers for losing the most inches in 3 weeks! She won free month of unlimited small group totaling $149

2nd — Cindy Busch for losing the most weight! Cindy trains one on one Monday mornings so some of you might meet her as you leave and she arrives.

3rd — Diane Doetsch for losing the most body fat and gaining the most muscle %. It wasn’t just the average .4 or .5 % increase…..she tripled that amount through increasing protein.